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The Band Concord on Atlantic Weekly I, Nov 9



on Atlantic Weekly

Friday, November 9, 2013

9 am (edt)

Tune in Saturday morning, November 9, when The Band Concord stops by WTJU for a visit to Atlantic Weekly.  They will be performing the previous night at the University of Virginia for a benefit to support improved education in Sub-Saharan Africa.

When Spencer Pugh and Andrew Steger moved in next door to one another last fall, neither could anticipate that they’d be playing onstage together only a few short months later. What began as a way to pass time between classes and avoid papers quickly grew into a musical project. Spencer, who had been writing music and playing guitar for many years, was excited to find someone that shared his love for folk. The two quickly moved from playing covers in their dorm rooms to performing original songs on stages all over the state of Virginia. From opening for The Maine to being featured on The Avett Brothers’ facebook, The Band Concord has gained steam fast.

Hailing from Southern Virginia, The Band Concord is comprised of gentlemen from all up and down the great state of Virginia. Spencer Pugh made the move from Salem to Blacksburg last fall and quickly bonded with his new neighbor Andrew Steger over a mutual love for all things folk. After countless nights of covering favorite classics, Pugh and Steger decided to try their hand at recording a few demos. Thanks to a make-shift recording studio in a friend’s apartment, the duo was able to lay down a few tracks with the basic guitar, banjo, and piano. After receiving a mandolin while back at his home in Northern Virginia for the winter, Steger expanded his instrumental repertoire, and the two decided to add a few more pieces to their project. Leesburg, VA native Alex Winemiller was brought in to play electric bass, but his talent for cello was quickly discovered and eventually added to the band’s sound. Having made the move from Virginia Beach, Jason Agola added a vibrant sound with his violin. Andy DeBoard, from Fairfax, VA, quickly found his way behind the drums, completing The Band Concord. The five-piece band debuted at Virginia Tech’s Soundfest in May. Since playing for hundreds of their peers, various pieces of The Band Concord puzzle have performed across the state, from restaurants and breweries to pavilions and festivals, and they do not plan on slowing down anytime soon.

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