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Avery Waite on Vivace, Friday, 6/14, 8-9am

Avery Waite (cello) and Fitz Gary (viola)

C’ville Natives and Juilliard grads guest on Vivace

Friday, June 14, 2013

8-9 am

Avery Waite
Avery Waite on Sesame Street


The final hour of this Friday's Vivace is devoted to a live concert by Avery Waite (cello) and Fitz Gary (viola) from Music Feeds Us

They will also be appearing in a kids concert on Wednesday (June 12) at 4 pm, at the Gordon Avenue Library, where they will perform "Carnival of the Animals", on Thursday evening (June 13) at 7pm at The Bridge PAI, on Saturday morning, 9am-11am, at an outreach performance at the Charlottesville City Market, as well as their two main concerts Saturday afternoon at Trinity Episcopal Church in Staunton and Sunday afternoon (3 pm) at First Presbyterian Church in Charlottesville.

Avery has performed on Sesame Street (
Clip here) and solo at the Lincoln Center, and is an extraordinarily talented cellist.  Please feel free to stop by the WTJU studio and be part of the audience.  See for directions.

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