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WTJU Program Guide: Sunday Programs

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Lost Highway
When: Sunday 01:00
Hosted by: DJ Spellcheck
Categories: Rock
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Roll down the Lost Highway with DJ Spellcheck, playing underground hip-hop, electronica, and all strands of psychedelia and as a soundtrack to graveyard shifts, insomniac dance parties, or the weird dreams you have after falling asleep on your friend's couch.
Trance on the Porch
When: Sunday 03:00
Hosted by: Syndicated Program
Categories: Rock
DJ Mark has been spinning since 2000, laying down deep progressive house and trance grooves both on the radio and in clubs across the midwest, including the U Lounge, Dante's, and Europe Nite Club, and has opened for internationally renowned DJs like Markus Schulz.
Folk Alley
When: Sunday 05:00
Categories: Folk
Links: Folk Alley
Classical Sunrise
When: Sunday 06:00
Hosted by: Deborah Murray
Categories: Classical
Playlist Archive
Sublime! Soothing! Hear the best in classical music, both choral and instrumental, for a peaceful Sunday morning.
In the Spirit
When: Sunday 09:00
Hosted by: Rebecca & Terry
Categories: Blues
Playlist Archive
An hour of vintage and contemporary gospel music to feed your soul and lift you up.
When: Sunday 10:00
Hosted by: Aaron aka JazzCzar & Dusty Garwood
Categories: Jazz
Playlist Archive
Jazzmania presents a diverse blend of modern and classic jazz as well as other forms of creative, improvised music..."a veritable smorgasbord of jazz." Comments and requests appreciated at 924-3959.
Tell Us A Tale
When: Sunday 12:00
Hosted by: Peter Jones
Categories: Specialty
Playlist Archive
Heard on stations all over the world, Tell Us A Tale, while technically a children's program, is so much more. Offering stories, tales and tunes collected from six of the seven continents (still working on Antarctica), this show appeals to listeners of all ages. So whether you are three years old getting an allowance, waiting tables in college, drawing a pension or collecting social security, gather 'round the radio each Sunday for Tell Us A Tale! Check out the Tell Us A Tale music blog for each week's playlist.
Sunday Opera Matinee
When: Sunday 14:00
Hosted by: Tim Snider & Ann Shaffer
Categories: Classical
Playlist Archive
The only non-syndicated weekly broadcast of opera in Central Virginia coming to you year round, regardless of the season! Hosts Ann Shaffer and Tim Snider share their favorite recordings, old and new. Plot synopsis and historical background are provided.
The King of Instruments / Evensong
When: Sunday 18:00
Hosted by: Michael Latsko
Categories: Classical
Playlist Archive
Michael pulls all the stops to present all manner of music for the monarch of musical instruments -- silvery to stentorian, sublime to bombastic, full of pomp and circumstance. From June thru September the King rests and Evensong treats you to the best in choral music, the perfect accompaniment to a summer's eve.
Just a Few Friends
When: Sunday 19:00
Hosted by: Penelope Ward
Categories: Classical
Playlist Archive
Penelope invites you to spend your evening in a salon filled with the intimate strains of fine classical chamber music, from early to modern.
Walkin' Blues
When: Sunday 21:00
Hosted by: Bill Adams
Categories: Blues
Playlist Archive
Walk your troubles away listening to the early blues. Songsters from the '20s and '30s, field recordings from the '40s and '50s, rediscovered greats from the '60s, and modern acoustic artists who draw on the blues tradition are featured here.
Radio Wowsville
When: Sunday 23:00
Hosted by: Don & Colin
Categories: Rock
Playlist Archive
Raw Music from the 20th and 21st centuries: Airing its genre-busting blend of progressive hootenanny, provocative commentary, and sprawling pop music history lesson on WTJU since 1995 (or 1996), Radio Wowsville is broadcast via nuclear warhead from a cave / sound lab in Grottoes, Virginia.

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