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WTJU Program Guide: Friday Programs

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Late Night Rock
When: Friday 01:00
Hosted by: various
Categories: Rock
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PRX Remix
When: Friday 03:00
Categories: News/Public Affairs
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PRX Remix is for people who love to listen to great stories. We handpick the best short works from independent radio makers on, and from podcasters everywhere. Then we mix it up for you in a never-ending stream.
When: Friday 06:00
Hosted by: Steve Myers
Categories: Classical
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A cheerful start to the weekend, the perfect accompaniment to Friday breakfast! Your favorite concertos, symphonies, sonatas and solo pieces - with just a touch of je ne sais quoi!
When: Friday 09:00
Hosted by: Robert Packard & Kaitlin Stein
Categories: News/Public Affairs
Tune in to Soundboard, WTJU's discussion program about news, culture, and community issues in the Charlottesville area. The Friday edition of Soundboard is hosted by Robert Packard and Kaitlin Stein. Friday features interviews with artists, writers, and UVa faculty, as well as science and technology features and a storytelling segment from Big Blue Door..
Jazz Essence
When: Friday 10:00
Hosted by: Stephanie Nakasian & Paula O'Buckley
Categories: Jazz
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With an ear for the beat -- singers who swing and swingers who sing with their instruments; from blues to big bands to bop and Latin; past, present and the young lions and lionesses of the future...
World Turning
When: Friday 12:00
Hosted by: Ron, Waraba, Robyn & Ginger
Categories: World
Links: Facebook
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Take a sound journey with us and reflect on the creative contributions that people all over the planet are making through music. Enjoy a world of diversity in voices and instruments--celebrate the fragile experiment that is humanity.
Radio Freedonia
When: Friday 14:00
Hosted by: Poubelle & Helvidius
Categories: Rock
Playlist Archive
One salt-rubbed hunk of indie rock
1 Florin, Post-Punk Gold
1/4 Cup, Whine Pop Vinegar
1/3 Mole, Brazilian Tropicalisimo
2 Bunchs, Wilted Soul and Psychedelia
2 Omicrons, Electronic Ambience
1 Candela, Forgotten Funk
1 Blessed Blast, Japanese Noise Bands
Dash of bitter insouciance
Salt-n-Pepa to taste
Braise Weekly. Cooks between 2 and 4 PM on Friday afternoons on 91.1 WTJU.
Sunset Road
When: Friday 16:00
Hosted by: Pete
Categories: Folk
Playlist Archive
Hear the full range of musical traditions in folk, bluegrass, new grass, celtic, old time, country, singer/songwriter, blues, world and any other roots-based music. Pete brings you the old and the new, be it local, regional, national, or international, with an emphasis on who's coming to perform around Charlottesville and Virginia.
When: Friday 18:00
Hosted by: Ann Porotti
Categories: Classical
Playlist Archive
After a busy and stressful week, the perfect way to ease away the week's stress and start the weekend in an upbeat mood with music you'll love, as you eat, relax and unwind ­- and re-energize!
Lambeth Live
When: Friday 20:00
Hosted by: WTJU
Categories: Specialty
Lambeth Live invites a different musical group from around Central Virginia into your home each Friday night for an hour long concert live from the WTJU studios at Lambeth Commons at the University of Virginia. There will be Classical, Blues, Folk, Jazz, Rock, World and more. So gather round each Friday night for Lambeth Live, right here on WTJU Charlottesville, truly the sound choice in Central Virginia!
Nothin' But the Blues
When: Friday 21:00
Hosted by: Peter Welch
Categories: Blues
Playlist Archive
One of the longest running blues shows in 'TJU's history, featuring the best of Mississippi and Chicago, rural and urban, and acoustic and electric blues.
Professor Bebop
When: Friday 23:00
Hosted by: Professor Bebop
Categories: Blues
Playlist Archive
Take a weekly trip into Heptown. Professor Bebop ankles down Swing Street, slips into Blues Alley, checks out the Museum of the Rhythm and the Blues, catches the service at the Cathedral of the Broken Heart and slips down Palpitation Boulevard to Soulville.

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