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WTJU Program Guide: Thursday Programs

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The Hep Imp Show
When: Thursday 01:00
Hosted by: Chris McRae
Categories: Rock
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The Hep Imp Show: Clinical music for a diseased world.. Siren songs for the lost that only coax deeper and deeper into the fog.

An old riddle asked--- How far can you walk into the woods? And the answer was "halfway", because after that you are walking out of the woods.But what if the woods don't have an other side? The twisted trees get always thicker and the decaying jungle always darker? What will you sing then? And why sing at all? The Hep Imp Show...every Thursday morning from 1 to 3 am. Pretentious ghost-modern sounds for terminal times.

PRX Remix
When: Thursday 03:00
Categories: News/Public Affairs
PRX Remix is for people who love to listen to great stories. We handpick the best short works from independent radio makers on, and from podcasters everywhere. Then we mix it up for you in a never-ending stream.
Classical Café
When: Thursday 06:00
Hosted by: Paula O'Buckley
Categories: Classical
Playlist Archive
A balanced blend of crisp notes freshly blended and roasted every Thursday morning. Your refined barista, Paula, skillfully mixes a well-rounded cuppa classical to smoothly get your day started. Spanning the centuries, from Ockeghem to Cowell, Boulez to Brahms, an elegant brew is waiting for you.
When: Thursday 09:00
Hosted by: Nathan Moore & Julia Kudravetz
Categories: News/Public Affairs
Tune in to Soundboard, WTJU's discussion program about news, culture, and community issues in the Charlottesville area. The Thursday edition of Soundboard is hosted by Nathan Moore and Julia Kudravetz. Thursday features public affairs, local and state news, and Bess Murray's Natural History Note.
All That Jazz
When: Thursday 10:00
Hosted by: Ann Porotti
Categories: Jazz
Playlist Archive
Thirty years and still running, All That Jazz remains committed to all the "bops", global influences and the New. Join Ann Porotti in her continuing salute to the luminous, continuously changing archive that is Jazz. Always, more music and less talk.
Deepest South
When: Thursday 12:00
Hosted by: Anne & Steven
Categories: World
Links: Facebook
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Exploring the music of Mexico, Central and South America, the Black Atlantic and beyond. Deepest South is neither a Putamayo-centric "World Music" show nor your step-dad's field recordings from his Peace Corps days. Instead we bring you genre-agnostic sounds that redefine how we listen to Latin communities across the globe.
Carry the Zero
When: Thursday 14:00
Hosted by: Danny & Matthew
Categories: Rock
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Veteran WTJU Rockers Danny and Matthew bring you Carry the Zero every Thursday afternoon. It's A ROCK SHOW! ...with quotients of pop, funk, psychedelic, and calculated beats. You do the math. It's enough rock to make your wave function!
Folk and Beyond
When: Thursday 16:00
Hosted by: Peter Jones & Friends
Categories: Folk
Links: Facebook
Playlist Archive
The title says it all. Leave us a message either at our Facebook page, or by e-mailing
When: Thursday 18:00
Hosted by: Andrew & the Contessa
Categories: Classical
Playlist Archive
Andrew and the Contessa bring you a melodious mix of romantically inspired music, from symphonies and concerti to nocturnes and tone poems. Luxuriate in a lush variety of works by the masters of emotive music and experience a world where the quality of music is not strained.
Wild Women and Friends
When: Thursday 20:00
Hosted by: Sandy Snyder & Joyce Dudek
Categories: Jazz
Links: Facebook
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Taking our title from the Ida Cox song, "Wild Women Don't Get the Blues", our Eclectic Woman spinoff show will continue to emphasize women artists in Jazz and Blues, but we'll be branching out to include some of those boys we love. Tune in to hear the Classic Blues women, Jazz women, piano, mellow standards and some bending of the rules - kind of like those "blue notes" in a new dimension.
Induced to Judder
When: Thursday 21:00
Hosted by: David Eisenman
Categories: Jazz
Playlist Archive
A sonic massage of modern and classic Jazz, Blues, Funk, Soul, and Rhythm and Blues... intended to move, groove, and soothe the soul.
Black Circle Revolution
When: Thursday 23:00
Hosted by: Phil Free & Ramona Sparks
Categories: Rock
Playlist Archive
Stay up and explore the outer limits of rock and roll with Black Circle Revolution. Two vinyl-heavy hours of classic and new punk, stoner metal, garage rock, psychedelic freak-outs, and the best riffs you've never heard from the past 30 years to the present. Join Phil Free and Ramona Sparks for an audio adventure guaranteed to ease the pain.

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