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The Wiyos on Folk & Beyond

The Wiyos on
Folk & Beyond with Aer Stephen
Thursday, November 2, 5-7PM (EST)
The Wiyos

I have been wanting to have these guys on the show for some time now, and we are sooooo lucky to be able to have them come in and play live in the air-studio just before their gig at the Gravity Lounge in Charlottesville later this night. The time will have to be flexible to accomodate their arrival as they are "on the road". With the Solomon Burke feature to be aired also this evening, and an Asylum Street Spankers update.... don't miss the whole show!

- Aer Stephen

"Hailing from Brooklyn, New York, and having only been playing together for two years, The Wiyos blew my musical mind. Think of the [Asylum Street] Spankers crossed with vaudeville performers, plus a dash of Reverend Gary Davis and Skip James thrown in for good measure. The trio has developed a sound and performance reminiscent of the early '20s and '30s with a completely contemporary feel. At times as I listened to this talented trio I swear I was watching them in black and white. From covering songs by Louis Armstrong, the Memphis Jug Band, Blind Boy Fuller, the Washboard Wonders (and many others) to creating their own unique originals, the Wiyos are bringing an almost lost generation of music into a new era complete with old-time souls to truly expand anyone's musical experience."

- Steve Sloan, Folk Wax/ Blues Wax September 2004

"The Wiyos are way too good to open for my band ever again. Those guys kick more ass than should be allowed."

- Wammo, Asylum Street Spankers

"The band, which shares it's name with an infamous gang from New York City (circa 1880) is quickly becomeing one of the most in-demand old time groups on the East Coast - and their willingness to approach all manner of Pre-war American music as merely different Limbs on the same body has struck quite a chord. With a joyous, exuberent sound that draws on rural blues, hot jazz, early swing, and appalachian jugband music of the 1920's and 1930's for inspiration, The Wiyos visages probably wouldn't seem too out of place on the side of a boxcar rolling slowly through the delta. The three share an affinity for the musical forms of earlier generations, but the sound is not contrived as some observers might be tempted to assume."

- Jim Reed, Connect Savannah

"Prior to the headliner act of Cephas & Wiggins, the festive crowd enjoyed some old-timey jump-and-thump blues from the Wiyos. A singing trio made up of washboard, guitar and double-bass, The Wiyos provided an entertaining, theatrical contrast to the usual fare of blues acts normally gracing the stage for the blues festival. In fact, The Wiyos 1920s Rudy Vallee-meets-Django Reinhardt-inspired jug band music turned an indifferent crowd into one rooting for encores. Their "Has Anybody Seen My Gal?" was enough to remind everyone that pop music maintains a long conversation with the blues. "

- John Ephland, Kalamazoo Gazette

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