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Umberto Sales on Radio Tropicale

Umberto Sales on Radio Tropicale
January 24, 2007 Noon-2PM

Radio Tropicale: A Taste of Bahia, featuring the soundtrack album "Woman on Top," with guests Brazilian-born guitarist Umberto Sales, and from UVa, Woodson Fellow Brian Brazeal.

Please join Bruce on January 24 at noon for "A Tast of Bahia." This show will feature the culture of Brazil, lead by Umberto Sales, who grew up on the coast of Bahia. The music and food of Bahia are the subject of the film and book "Woman On Top," and we will listen to music from the soundtrack album and read from the book, which includes recipes! 'Berto will be joined by UVa's Woodson Fellow Brian Brazeal, who earlier did research in Bahia while at the University of Chicago.

So shake off those winter blues; get an early start on Carnaval with "A Taste of Bahia" on January 24 on Radio Tropicale, starting at noon on WTJU, 91.1 FM; the Sound Choice in Central Virginia.

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