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T-Shirt Design

WTJU T-Shirt Design Parameters

Thanks for your interest in assisting WTJU with our T-Shirt design! If you would like to propose a design for us to use, please review the parameters below and then contact Chuck Taylor at 434-924-0885 or email


  • Through the generosity of artists like you, WTJU has had over 150 unique t-shirt designs produced since 1972! Thanks if you are among those who have donated your work for us in the past. WTJU solicits the designs to stimulate donations but we do offer four complementary shirts for the designer of the t-shirt. But more importantly, doing such work for WTJU ensures considerable exposure for the artist. In fact, our shirts have literally been spotted all over the world!
Specifics for the Spring, 2005 Marathon T-Shirt
  • This design represents a big break with the past. For the first time in many years, instead of a separate marathon for each of our departments (rock, folk, jazz, and classical), we are beginning a new format featuring only two fund drives per year. The Spring Fund Drive's working theme is "The Sound Choice In Many Voices". The actual wording may change but the idea is that as we move away from our genre-based fund drives it is more important to emphasize the commonality of all the music that we feature at WTJU rather than the differences.
  • Elements that should be incorporated into the design:
    • 91.1, WTJU-FM
    • Charlottesville, VA.
    • Spring 2005 Marathon
    • If we settle on a really catchy phrase, that too may be incorporated. Suggestions are welcome.
    • There are no rules in the grouping of the textual elements as long as they are all there. For instance, some part of the design might even appear on the sleeve.
  • You may bring your proposed handmade artwork by the radio station (call us at 924-0885 to arrange a visit) or email your digital artwork to You may also scan your original artwork into your computer and email that to us.
  • Deadline for submission of rough draft: February 28th
  • Deadline for artwork to be considered for inclusion in the Marathon Program Guide (note: basic uncolored design is required for this stage): March 7th (preferred, but no later than March 14th)
  • Deadline for final artwork to the Printer (though artwork may be tweaked by you once it is in the hands of the Printer): March 17th
General Artistic Directions
  • Be creative! Our specifications should be sufficient enough to focus you on a theme but relaxed enough to allow maximum creativity of design. If you're not sure, call us and ask.
  • Click here to view t-shirt designs from past marathons. Note that these were genre-specific marathons and you are not constrained by those parameters for this fund drive.
Technical parameters of the design

All artwork should be submitted as a "t-shirt design". If you have never designed for t-shirt before please read the basic t-shirt layout information carefully.

  • WTJU only uses 100% cotton t-shirts.
  • WTJU accepts handmade designs as well as digitally created designs.
  • You may provide several design variations if you'd like. Initially, please submit a rough sketch only because:
    • ...we may make suggestions to you for tweaking the final design
    • ...we may inform you that another design will be chosen and save you additional work.
    • If your design is not chosen it may still be eligible for a future t-shirt.
  • Click here to see a basic introduction to designing for t-shirts.
  • WTJU will provide written text to be incorporated into the design. Though not required, it is highly suggested that you make the text part of your design. If the text is added later by the T-shirt Printer Company it may negatively affect your overall design.
  • There are three basic design areas of a t-shirt (adding areas increases the price to produce the t-shirt)
    • The Front
    • The Back
    • The Sleeve
  • WTJU uses t-shirt sizes from Child's Small all the way to Double Extra Large. We ask that the artist propose a design that will optimally fit a Large t-shirt. If necessary, we will have the Printer adjust the size to fit for the more extreme sizes.
  • You may suggest both the color of the t-shirt and the ink colors (please use standard PMS descriptors for colors). The color of the t-shirt and/or the number of ink colors on the shirt will affect the price of the t-shirt and may affect whether we choose those colors. Note: WTJU rarely accepts 4-color-process designs due to the expense.
  • If your design is accepted we will put you in touch with the t-shirt printer to coordinate design issues.
Thanks for your consideration and help from WTJU-FM, The Sound Choice in Central Virginia!

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