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Sharla June & the Mayhaws on Walk Right In

Sharla June & the Mayhaws
on Walk Right In
Tuesday, July 3, 2007, Noon-2Pm

Sharla June and the Mayhaws will be visiting Rebecca on Walk Right In, Tuesday July 3, sometime between noon and 2.

Like their namesakes, The Mayhaws are sweet and thorny, playing music rooted in American and American-immigrant traditions. Each member brings to the enterprise a wealth of musical experience, their combined talents resulting in a piquant mix of folk, honky-tonk, soul, bluegrass and old-school country. A Mayhaws set can run the gamut from traditional hill music to delta blues to pop songs re-imagined as jug tunes. With their roots in folk and country music and their hearts in the honky-tonk, The Mayhaws do rockabilly Stooges, samba Patsy Cline, and a wealth of originals (written by all three core members) that saunter, swing, or make folks weep into their shot glasses.

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