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WTJU Logo Design Parameters

WTJU Logo Design Paramters

Thanks for your interest in assisting WTJU with our new logo design! Please note that our goal is NOT a design for a Marathon T-Shirt, but a distinct and recognizable image to represent WTJU to the public at large. (Think of the word "TIME" on the cover of Time Magazine or the "NY" of the Yankees hat.) WTJU would use this logo for bumper stickers, print ads, coffee cups, banners, etc. This logo will serve as WTJU's literal public image.

If you would like to propose a design for us to use, please review the parameters below and then contact WTJU at 434-924-0885 or email

Deadline: January 3, 2007


WTJU has had several logos over the years and they were all appropriate for their times. The timing of this logo allows for the classic "looking back, looking forward" opportunity. Our 50th anniversary represents a new beginning and the logo can reflect that! The winning logo will be unveiled during the WTJU 50th Anniversary Celebration in June, 2007.

Specifics for the new WTJU logo

  • Elements required for the design:
    • 91.1
    • WTJU
    • Additionally, the winning artist may be asked to apply the winning logo font to other station elements, such as the phrase "The Sound Choice in Central Virginia," for continuity when we use this tagline visually, in combination with the logo. However, artists should not try to incorporate this tagline within the logo.
  • You may bring your proposed handmade artwork by the radio station (call us at 924-0885 to arrange a visit) or email your digital artwork to You may also scan your original artwork and email it to us. But PLEASE NOTE: All emailed artwork must be able to be printed without flaw at a minimum of 8X10, i.e. a large document. This requires that you either:
    • Send on a CDR;
    • Send via zip file, preferably one of the programs designed for sending artwork (one that allows you to send the various elements separately or together), or
    • Upload the high-resolution image to a website, from which we can then download the image(s).
  • Deadline for submission: December 1, 2006

General Artistic Directions

  • Be creative! Our specifications outline the necessary focus, but also encourage flexibility and creativity.
  • Consider that this logo will serve WTJU in its entirety. Our programming includes classical, folk, jazz, rock, news and public affairs. The best designs will reflect WTJU as a whole, avoiding strongly suggestive associations with any one particular musical genre.
  • Logo may be in color or black & white.

Technical parameters of the design

  • WTJU accepts handmade designs as well as digitally created designs. Amateur as well as professional designers are encouraged to enter!
  • Entries should be ANONYMOUS to the board of judges. This necessitates a lack of company letterhead in any materials viewed by the judges.
  • You may provide several design variations if you'd like.
  • Entries based on or problematically resembling existing trademarks will not be considered.
  • WTJU will use the winning logo design for t-shirts, banners, bumper stickers, coffee cups, print ads, etc. Designs should therefore be eye-catching and distinct at a distance; designers are discouraged from submitting cluttered logos that require undue effort to decipher.
  • The winning designer will be contacted early in 2007. It is possible WTJU will ask the winning designer to tweak a design if need be.
  • By entering a logo design you agree to transfer the design to WTJU for use in perpetuity, should your design win.
  • Winner will receive a basket of items that feature the new logo which will include mugs, t-shirts, totes and other items. In addition, winner will receive examples of future items generated by WTJU as long as that the logo is used.

Thanks for your consideration and help from WTJU-FM, The Sound Choice in Central Virginia - and good luck!

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