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"Live from the Hook" Participants on Induced to Judder

"Live from the Hook" Participants
on Induced to Judder
Thursdays July 17 and July 24, 2008, 9PM

Don't miss Induced to Judder, from 9 to 11 pm Thursdays, for conversations with Charlottesville favorites Charlie Pastorfield, Bob Girard, Deke Ealy and other musicians featured in the Live From the Hook.

On Saturday, July 26, Live from the Hook, the acclaimed rousing rockumentary on the Charlottesville Music Scene will premier on the big screen of the Paramount Theater. The screening will be immediately followed by the Live from the Hook Concert, an all-star music reunion at the Charlottesville Pavilion featuring a collection of local music greats including The Skip Castro Band, the Casuals Featuring Johnny Sportcoat, Captain Tunes, the All-Stars, and Alligator. The Juddermeister and Professor BeBop will chat live in the studio with several of these great musicians on consecutive Thursday nights in July.

At the center of Live From The Hook are Bob Girard (aka Johnny Sportcoat) and Charlie Pastorfield (the Skip Castro Band), two local rock n' roll guys who met at UVA many moons ago and have since played together live on the same stage more than 2000 times. They are joined by a chorus of passionate local musicians who have chased their dreams for decades. Some of them made it to the top. Some of them flew too close to the flame. And some of them lost their way for a while. But all of them keep on playing. Their journey is both familiar and inspiring. It is a story that speaks to the dreamer in all of us and a story fueled by the undeniable power of passion.

Live from the Hook is a labor of love created by the Charlottesville music community. Countless musicians and fans have contributed music, stories, photos, posters, live footage, time, money, support, talent, and effort to breathe life into this film. There is a little bit of each one of us in this story, and the result is a testament to the passion that runs deep in our music community

An early "work in progress" version of Live from the Hook won many fans at the 2006 Virginia Film Festival when it literally had people dancing in the aisles of the sold-out Paramount Theater. This will be the first-ever screening of the completed film, which has undergone significant editing and revisions, including the addition of original interviews and extensive never-before-seen concert footage.

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