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WTJU Special Katrina Programming: 2 Years Later

Moving Forward...
A Celebration of the Revitalization of New Orleans Music

Join the WTJU Jazz & Blues department August 27th through September 2nd as we look past the silence and destruction of Katrina towards the rebuilding and revitalization of the rhythms of New Orleans. New Orleans music is defined by rhythm.. the syncopated beat, improvisation, call and response...all combine to make that unique sound that is New Orleans. It is a universal expression that has crossed boundaries all over the world.

New Orleans music is a living culture. From the second lines to Dixieland to Jazz to R&B and Funk, we are celebrating the music and magic that is the heart of New Orleans. So join us August 27th through September 2nd for a full week of Moving Forward...It will move your feet and make you want to dance!

Program Schedule

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