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Holly Near on the Eclectic Woman Show

Holly Near on the Eclectic Woman Show
Thursday, May 11 from 7-9PM
Hosted by Sandy Snyder

Sandy will air a pre-recorded interview with Holly Near who will be appearing at Gravity Lounge on Tuesday, May 16. Holly Near cannot be summarized in one sentence: she refers to herself as a singer for social change, and has been a performer and activist all her life. Starting out as a child actor on TV (Partridge Family, All in the Family), she is a founder of the Womyn's music movement of the 70's, starting one of the first (if not THE first) women-owned recording company, Redwood Records. She toured Southeast Asia with Jane Fonda in protest of the Vietnam war. . .and much more!

For more information, you can go to her website or read her entry.

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