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John Doyle & Liz Carroll on Sunset Road

John Doyle and Liz Carroll
On Sunset Road
Friday, January 20

John Doyle is a gifted Irish folk guitarist, songwriter, and singer. He is known from his time as a member of the popular Celtic group Solas. Doyle tested his musical wings long before Solas, though. Musical talent runs in his family (Sean Doyle is his father), so he got an early introduction to performing. By the time he was in his teens he was a member of his first group. His songs feature excellent storytelling as well as superb masterful guitar playing. Along with his Irish folk, Doyle mixes in a little American and British folk as well, making his sound appeal to an even larger audience.

Liz Carroll is a fantastic Irish fiddler from Chicago who has been a member of Cherish the Ladies and the Green Fields of America. She's also part of one of the greatest Irish trios performing today, along with Billy McComiskey and Daithi Sproule.

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