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American Dumpster on Folk & Beyond

American Dumpster on Folk & Beyond
hosted by Aer Stephen
Thursday, January 12, in the 5-6 o'clock hour

American Dumpster

What is American Dumpster?

It is an ever-evolving music project that hurls its Junkyard Folk-Rock at the full moon. We are the soundtrack to the lunatic's carnival. Our goal is to show the people a good time, strange and beautiful. Our sound comes from the recycling bin. Bottles of roots music clink against cans of classic rock and mingle with the plastic of the future.

We are the rusted fender of the American Dream.

C-ville Weekly - 29 March 2005

...American Dumpster, which has my money for best new band on the circuit. The band includes young Bob Dylan's charisma with Howlin' Wolf's voice, Muddy Water's bass player, a Big Easy denizen on rub board, Elvis Costello as a good guitar player, a great drummer with a nice selection of shirts and the nicest accordion player in town. Go see them.

Spencer Lathrop

American Dumpster

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