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WTJU Alumni Information
Personal Information
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Radio Information
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Dates of service:
Dates: please be as specific as possible, e.g. "Sep 1981 - May 1982" and "Sep 1982 - May 1983" rather than "1981 - 1983".

Your status at WTJU (check all that apply)
UVa Undergrad UVa Grad UVa Faculty UVa Staff
Community Member High School
(or other K-12) Student

WTJU Department (check all that apply)
Rock Jazz Classical Folk
News Public Affairs Behind-the-Scenes Other
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Positions you held at WTJU (check all that apply)

Managing Board Member
Director of the Station President Vice President Treasurer
Party Chair Publicity Chair Program Director Station Manager
Chief Engineer

News Director Music Director Asst. to Music Director Sub-Genre Director/Asst.
Other Director

Host Co-Host Show Producer Show Engineer

Studio Production
Producer Engineer

Live Music Studio Production
Producer Engineer

Venue Performance
Director Producer Other

University Committee for WTJU (Advisory group)
Chair Member Non-voting Member Other

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